Cherry Pickers

Cherry Pickers

A cherry picker is a sort of aerial work platform which comprises of a stage or bucket at the end of a hydraulic lifting(liftutleie kristiansand) system. It is also sometimes known as aerial working platform or boom lift or basket crane.


In the earlier times, in order to harvest fruits, people had to climb the trees themselves and remove them. The labour involved was intensive, as one can imagine. Besides, for trees which were comparatively taller in height, such action involved immense danger as well. Infact, accidents have happened several times which have even resulted in casualties.

Finally, Jay Eitel invented the cherry picker in the 20th century. Since then, demands have been increasing exponentially and as a result, one can find cherry pickers for sale in a huge number of shops throughout the world as well as online.


A cherry picker need to be movable hence it is required to place it on a vehicle. In some cases, they are placed at the back of trucks or they can be placed on a van as well. In fact, some of them don’t need a vehicle, they can also be attached to a self-moving platform or a trailer.

The buckets in most cases are made for one person to work with, but they can be modified in several cases (as with firefighters) for multiple people to work with.

Cherry pickers can be powered either mechanically (through internal combustion engines), hydraulics and electrical systems (through batteries).


These devices were formerly used to harvest fruits (mainly cherries) from trees (hence, the name cherry picker.)Gradually, they were used to repair overhead wires (for electrical wire, television, telephones etc.). Firefighters also implemented it in their arsenal in 1958, which has helped them to reach greater heights of buildings and save lives in case of fire.Some of the benefits of load lifters(sakselift kristiansand) are given below;

* Load lifters are very useful in moving office equipment, parcels, small appliances and other hard and heavy items.

* It can work as a work table.

* You can fold the load lifters and store compactly.

* Load lifters are vinyl coated to be durable and it uses high strength excellent quality cable, which is used in the aircraft.

* Load lifters(lift kristiansand) are easy to use and maneuver.

* Additional non-marking foot brakes can be used to prevent it from dashing into anything.

* Vinyl coated cross-bars can be added to improve the operator’s grip and comfort.


These systems work at heights, hence they need to follow numerous rules for safety purposes. Only trained personnel should operate these. Also routine checkup is mandatory.

Cherry pickers have served mankind for almost an year now, and will continue to serve us in future as well. Endorsed by h√łydeteknikk.